Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

Dulce Studio in Hanford, California, provides the best microblading and permanent makeup services in the area! Makeup Artist Daisy Finder wants to teach you how to give your clients the perfect look for their eyes and brows. There are two courses, including a four-day introduction course and a two-day master course! See below for class details. Call 559.410.1812 to reserve your spot!

Dulce Academy of Permanent Makeup and Microblading


Four-Day Permanent Makeup and Microblading Course
Cost: $4,200*

The course will consist of four days of hands-on experience and literature review. You will receive the literature a few days before starting classes, so that it can be studied and you’ll be ready for hands-on training. Each session will include two students.**

Techniques covered include:
  •   Permanent Makeup with Machine (Eyebrows and Eyeliner)
  •   Microblading (Manual Tool)

You will practice these techniques on
practice skin and live models.

This course focuses on:
  •   Shaping, Mapping, and Brow Design
  •   Color Theory Made Easy
  •   Product Knowledge
  •   Microblading Techniques
  •   Proper Aftercare
  •   Health Department Standards
  •   Protocol Release Forms

Upon completion of this course, you will be certified in microblading and permanent makeup and receive your Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate. You will also receive a full professional permanent makeup/microblading kit.

*Payment plans available
**Private sessions can be provided upon request.


Two-Day Master Course: Permanent Makeup Correction
Cost: $2,500

The two-day master course includes hands-on practice with a live model and visual learning of permanent makeup correction techniques. Each session will include two students. *

Techniques covered include:
  •   Removal
  •   Camouflage
  •   Neutralization
  •   Refresher Course

You will receive your own professional permanent makeup correction kit.

*Private sessions can be provided upon request.
(Prerequisites: Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate, Microblading/Permanent Makeup Certificate)

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• paraben-free
• fragrance-free
• hypoallergenic
• non-comedogenic
• vegan-friendly
• not tested on animals

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